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Plumber Tips: 3 Issues Commonly Caused By Microorganism Corrosion | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Have you noticed a foul odor coming from the hot water of your home? Or, have you noticed that the sacrificial anode rod is corroding much quicker than before?

Most people don’t realize that the microbes that can be found in tap water can cause their plumbing to corrode prematurely. Microbiologically influenced corrosion, also known as MIC, is not always well understood. However, microbes can be found in both residential plumbing systems and municipal water systems. If the population of microorganisms is out of control, it can have a profound impact on residential plumbing systems to the point where you may need a plumber to come take a look at the issue.

This article will take a further in-depth look at the effect of microorganisms growing in the plumbing. If you have any further questions, contact a plumber for more information. A professional will be able to assess the condition of your plumbing to provide you with more information on the type of microorganisms that you have in your water supply and what you can do about it.

How Microorganism Cause Corrosion in Plumbing

Once again, the corrosion usually only happens when there are a lot of microorganisms in the water supply. The microorganisms will begin to attach to the surface of your plumbing. They will then create a type of enzyme to form a protective barrier. You’ve probably already seen it. This is when you get a type of slime in stagnant water. This barrier is also known as a biofilm.

The problem with biofilm is that it is acidic. It can start to corrode metal that’s used in plumbing systems. For example, our plumbers have noticed that microbial growth can cause corrosion and copper, iron and lead depending on the concentration in the water supply.

Since the biofilm is very slimy, it creates a type of Jell-O like barrier. Disinfectants, like chlorine, cannot penetrate the biofilm. As a result, the biofilm continues to grow larger and larger until you get a plumber to come take a look at the issue.

Common Issues Caused by Biofilm

Unsurprisingly, the longer that you allow the biofilm to grow, the more plumbing problems can emerge. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that arise from biofilm growth.

Increased Metal Concentrations

The biofilm can cause metal to start to leak out into your drinking water. This happens regardless of the type of metal that your plumbing is made up. For example, our plumbers have found excess copper, iron and lead in residential water supplies. When this happens, you might notice that the water coming out of your tab is a bit discolored. You might even notice that the water is starting to taste a bit metallic. If you have noticed any of those two signs in your plumbing, call a professional as soon as possible.

Metal leaking into your water system can be damaging to your body. Depending on the concentrations of metals that are leaked, your water may no longer be safe for consumption.

Leaks in the Plumbing

The corrosive nature of the biofilm can also cause pitting and pinhole leaks to emerge in the metal plumbing. You might notice this in different ways. For example, you might start to notice that there’s a water stain on your walls, indicating that there’s a leak in the plumbing behind the walls. Or, you might notice that your water bill has gone up significantly from past months.

Depending on the extent of the biofilm growth, you might be able to patch up the plumbing. If the situation is severe, you may have to replace part of the plumbing instead. The most important thing, however, is to figure out where the accumulation of microorganisms come from and how you can prevent them from accumulating in your plumbing system again.

Increased Health Risks

The microorganisms and the biofilm are not healthy for nor harmless to your body. As they grow and multiply, some of the microorganisms will break off from the biofilm and make their way down your water supply. That might come out of your tap water. Depending on the microorganisms that are present in the biofilm, this can be a huge problem. The microorganisms can increase your risk of waterborne illnesses. Some of these bacteria are even toxic to humans. If you let the biofilm continue to grow, you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

The microorganisms tend to attack those with susceptible immune systems. Those who have existing health conditions will usually feel the effects of the contaminated water first. If you don’t handle the situation as soon as possible, you’re not only going to need a plumber. You’re also going to need to see a doctor.

Call a Plumber in Fort Lauderdale, FL for Drain Cleaning Services and Plumbing Repair Services

If your plumbing is damaged because of the biofilm, you need to call a plumber in Fort Lauderdale, FL to repair your plumbing and to perform a professional drain cleaning service. Only a professional drain cleaning service can really reach and penetrate the biofilm. The drain cleaning service can break up the biofilm and make sure that it can no longer cause any damage to your plumbing.

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