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Many homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are built on slab foundations. In some cases, water lines run underneath the slab and increase the likelihood of leaks, which are caused by the shifting soil and the expansion and pressure on the water lines. This could eventually lead to slab leaks, which are caused by corrosion, abrasion, and damage to drainpipes.

If you have a leak under the slab, it most likely will occur on the drainage side of the property. These differ from leaks in the main water line because you can hear the sound of congestion or water running in the pipes.
Causes of Slab Leaks Compared to Main Water Line Leaks
Leaks under the slab are the result of damaged or faulty plumbing. Common causes of leaks include:

  • Soil shifting under the foundation
  • Ageing pipes, particularly old cast-iron piping
  • Compromised water lines

Differences Between Slab and Main Line Leaks

Mainline leaks involve congested pipes and running water that you can easily detect. Conversely, leaks in the slab often go undetected until mold forms under carpets, cracks form in the foundation and walls, and the noise of running water eventually filters from beneath the floor.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale when you need a slab leak detection or repair. We can detect where the leak is coming from and make the necessary repairs to save your home from further structural damage.

Our technicians use sonic equipment and ground mikes to listen to vibrations caused by water flowing from faulty pipes. We perform video pipe inspections in conjunction with location systems based on sonic technology. Finally, our technicians give you all the possible repair options as well as our recommendation on which way to go.

Re-routing or Re-piping Repairs

We may suggest re-routing the plumbing to avoid digging through the slab in your home. This works best when only a small portion of the pipe is leaking and gives you a quick, minimally invasive leak fix. Our plumbers may decide to repipe your home if concrete in casing the house makes it difficult or impossible to get to the leaking pipes. Typically, our technicians install new pipes in attics, closets, walls or other easily concealed portions of the home.

Tunneling Beneath the Slab

This is another slab leak repair technique. It is less destructive to your home than breaking through the slab. Our plumber may suggest digging a tunnel beneath the slab to remove enough dirt to repair or replace your plumbing system. This effort often involves partnering with an engineer to meet local code requirements.

Pipe Lining/Pipe Bursting

This option is not available with every type of pipe. It works with corroded pipes made of metal that have developed holes and cracks. Also called cured in place, pipelining involves replacing the pipe without excavating the soil or tearing up your slab, as follows:
1. In this type of repair, our technicians coat the broken pipes with a coating that dries along the side of the pipe.
2. A new pipe is installed using a bursting head that breaks up the old pipe.
3. The new pipe takes over the functionality of the water line or drainpipe being replaced.

Poor Water Quality

High pH levels in your water can also damage pipes beneath the slab of your home. Acidic water, also called alkaline or hard water, corrodes pipes and can also damage your shower, sink or bathtub. Consider using a water softener to regulate the water flowing through the pipes and into your sinks and bathtub.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Slab Leak

Leaks under the slab of your home should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that you have water running beneath the foundation of your home in Fort Lauderdale, call our office for slab leak detection and repair immediately. Here are some signs to look for while you’re waiting for the experts:

  • Hot areas on the floor
  • Damp spots on the flooring
  • Mold under your carpet
  • Low water pressure
  • High water bills
  • Sound of running water
  • Soggy spot along the foundation
  • High water meter readings

If you notice these signs, don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a leak under the slab. Let us check it out by performing a video inspection so we can see exactly what’s happening. Then, we can provide a step by step plan for various options to fix the issue quickly. Ignoring a slab leak can damage the foundation of your home and even make it unlivable. It can also affect the resale value of your property. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale, FL at 954-743-0404 today for any slab leak detection and repair work that you need!

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