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Need Plumbing Service? Crazy Things That Have Been Found In The Sewer System | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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We’ve all heard stories of animals being found in the sewers, from rats scuttling around to large alligators previously kept as pets and flushed down the toilet. Many scary and fascinating animals and items have been found in sewers across the world. This entertaining article will look at some of the weirdest and wonderful things that have been found in the sewers.

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Weird things that have been found in the sewers

You may have heard stories of animals getting stuck in the sewage system or being flushed down the toilet. But did you know that people have also got rid of unwanted items by flushing them? Here are some of the weirdest things that have been found in sewer systems across the world.

Some of these items cause a threat to safety, and others cause problems such as blocked pipes, resulting in major plumbing issues. Call in your local plumbing service if you have any problems with your drains.

Gold Nuggets

You probably wouldn’t expect gold to be found in the sewers in large quantities, but that’s precisely what was found in a Japanese sewage treatment plant. Gold was found in the sewers in Nagano, Japan, and it amounted to $47,000 worth. The gold nuggets were found scattered in the sludge at the bottom of the sewers. There were many rumors as to where the gold had come from. Was it stolen and then flushed down the toilet to get rid of the evidence? Or was the sewer built on land that had naturally occurring gold?

In the end, investigators found that the gold came from precision instruments used by employees of the water treatment company. Over time the gold particles had collected, forming large amounts of gold.

Scientists estimate that there could be over $13 million worth of gold and other precious metals in sewage sludge worldwide.

Expensive Watches

Most owners of expensive luxury items, such as watches, would cherish them greatly. You’d probably never expect that watches are flushed down the toilet or thrown down the drain. However, that’s precisely what happened in the UK. An assortment of expensive watches was found in a drain by a cleaner near his workplace. The collection of watches included designer brands such as Omega, Franck Muller, and even Rolex. The watches were estimated to be worth an amazing $70,000.

Your drains probably won’t be blocked with expensive watches or gold, but may become clogged with hair, oil, food or soap particles, and other debris. If you’re experiencing any problems with your drains or pipework, call a local plumbing service for help and advice.


More obvious things such as fatbergs are also found in drains, plumbing systems, and sewers worldwide. Fatbergs are caused by people pouring cooking oil down their sinks. This solidifies and collects together to form fatbergs. In some cases, fatbergs become huge!

It’s never a good idea to pour grease or oil from cooking into your drains as this can cause your pipes to become blocked. If your drains are running slow, you may have a blockage or clog that is made up of fats, hair, and other debris. If you notice such problems in your home, you should call in a plumbing service that can unblock your pipes.

Sometimes fatbergs grow to crazy proportions and cause serious problems. A huge fatberg was found that weighed 15 tons and had lots of baby wipes, sanitary products, and other debris.

Crocodiles and Alligators

As alligators are swampy wilderness creatures, they can survive in the sludge of the sewers. You’ve probably heard stories of alligators living in the sewers and dismissed it as a myth. Small alligators make cute pets, but as they grow, they become scary. After biting, their owners an alligator may find itself being flushed down the toilet.

In 2006 a massive alligator was found in the sewers of Texas. The creature was oddly placid and was found wandering along through a three-foot-wide drain. He weighed approximately 300 pounds and would have posed a threat to anyone who encountered him. There have been many reports worldwide and across the US of people seeing alligators coming out of the sewers into the streets.

Farm Animals

Perhaps one of the strangest things to be found in a sewer was a cow in the Fujian Province of China. A cow was missing for four days before; strange noises were heard coming from a manhole. After opening the maintenance hole cover, a cow was discovered. No one knows how the animal got there, but luckily it was quickly rescued.

In the UK, a sheep was found wandering about in the sewers. During a routine sewer inspection, workers found a live sheep deep in the sewer system. No one knows how it ended up there, but it was eventually removed with a struggle. Hopefully, you won’t hear weird animal noises coming from your plumbing system, drains, or sewers, but stranger things have happened. If you do, you should call in the help of a local plumbing service.

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