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Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair in Fort Lauderdale, FL

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale performs plumbing leak detection and repair services for your home or business in Broward County. Call our licensed, insured plumbers when dripping faucets or leaky pipes threaten to develop into a huge repair bill.

Your pipes handle the business of your plumbing system behind walls and under floors. That’s convenient when you don’t want to see them, but it makes it hard to notice when there’s a problem. By the time dark stains and damp spots indicate a leak, you may already have structural damage requiring repair. Therefore, it’s important to call a professional plumber the moment you suspect a problem.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale hires only the best local plumbers and then provides them with excessive training for plumbing leak detection and repair services.

Avoid Property Damage

Leaks cost money that you often have not budgeted for. However, letting a dripping faucet go unrepaired can increase your monthly water bill. Similarly, a leak in your sewer line can lead to structural damage to the foundation of your home. The mold that grows behind walls can impact the health of your family and require expensive remediation to make your home habitable again. That’s why the cheapest option is often taking care of the problem and working out of financing plan with a flexible company such as bluefrog.

The alternatives include living with odd smells, dealing with structural damage and paying high water bills. Leaks can occur in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in your home served by your plumbing system. By fixing the leak early you can prevent issues from occurring in other rooms of your house.

Kitchen Leak Detection

The kitchen often serves as the social center of the home where people gather for meals and conversation. If you cook, you probably give your fixtures and faucets a workout that may cause wear and tear that eventually leads to a leak. The garbage disposal and dishwasher are other causes of potential leaks. Loose connections, defects and cracks can all cause slow drips or major leagues.

Not to worry, bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale has emergency services for major leaks, and our responsive technicians schedule service calls when it’s convenient for you.

Underground Leaks

Underground water leaks can cause major damage to the foundation of your home and create sinkholes that threaten the integrity of your property. Water leaking from your sewer line can cause potholes and cracks in the driveway and smelly, contaminated pools in your yard. Fixing the leak is often less expensive than dealing with the alternative.

Importance of Early Plumbing Leak Detection and Repair

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Fort Lauderdale, FL when you discover signs of a leak in your home or business. We can catch the leak early and save money and major repairs down the road. Don’t let unresolved leagues damage your furniture, personal items, roof or walls. Our leak detection and repair expertise has saved clients thousands of dollars.

Water Line Leaks

Your water line branches off from the municipal source buried under the street. You are only responsible for leaks that occur on your property. If the leak comes from the mainline, your local municipality is responsible for making the repairs.

Poor water pressure and hot water disruption can indicate a leak inside your home or the portion of the pipe you’re responsible for. Call us to inspect your line to determine whether the city needs to foot the bill and fix the issue. Waterline repairs don’t have to be super expensive. Also, we offer generous financing terms to help families and business owners budget repairs without putting them off.

Repair Leaky Faucets

A slow drip at a rate of one drop per second can result in thousands of gallons rushing down the drain every year — along with your money. Call us to replace faulty fixtures or to repair faucets and spigots in your home.

bluefrog Maintenance Programs

Ask our technicians about maintenance programs that might work for you. By choosing a bluefrog maintenance program you can ensure that your plumbing remains in top condition. Early leak detection amounts to preventive care that can save you money.

Whole House Re-piping

Many homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL were built decades ago using cast-iron drainpipes. The infrastructure in some areas has begun to deteriorate. Therefore, it may make more sense to re-pipe the whole house with PVC pipes than to continue to repair your current system.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain at 954-743-0404 to schedule service for all your plumbing needs. From plumbing leak detection and repair to whole house re-piping, we have you covered.

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