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If your home has hard water problems, water softeners may be the solution. Of course, solving hard water is only one step of the equation. You’ll also need to filter the water for the safety of your family. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for water softeners today!

Our Plumbing Experts Care About the Quality of Your Water

Just like you, we drink water every day. We expect our water to be clean and clear of any sediment buildup. We’re also opposed to funky tastes. As such, we take water quality very personally. If our clients tell us they don’t have clean, fresh water to drink or wash with, then we’re on the job.

Benefits of Water Softeners

You may have heard from your neighbor that water softeners offer countless benefits. Well, they’re correct. Once you’ve implemented a surefire system, you’ll enjoy:

  •    Cleaner and shinier dishes
  •    Softer skin and cleaner, smoother hair
  •    Reduced soap scum
  •    Less wasted shampoo and soap
  •    Softer clothing
  •    Longer lifespan of water-based appliances
  •    Save money on energy costs

You may be asking, ‘how?’ Well, untreated hard water causes lime deposit buildup in pipes, meaning you’re using more water per session.

High Water Pressure

Many homes suffer from high water pressure. While some may find this enticing, most simply consider the cost. The higher the water pressure, the more water you’re using. Believe it or not, high water pressure causes numerous issues, such as:

  • Shortened lifespan of a water heater
  • Leaking faucets
  • Running toilets

We’ll solve these issues today!

Installing a Water Softener

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, we install the top brands of water softeners. Understanding what is in your water is the first step. Once you’re better informed, we’ll provide the solution. Each installation we perform is straightforward and comes with professional advice! We’ll advise you on operating the system and how to keep it running efficiently!

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If your home could benefit from water softeners, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain by calling (954) 743-0404. We’re here for you!

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